Tuition & Costs

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Undergraduate Programs

Basic Costs for 2024-2025 (two semesters)



Annual Annual
 Tuition (Books included) $37,140 $37,140
 Approx. Resident Charge
 (Housing & Food)**
$12,780 N/A
 Basic Cost* $49,920 $37,140

* The basic cost is an estimate of the direct school costs the student will be charged to attend QU for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

** Students living on campus will incur room and board costs. Student Financial Services calculates room expenses using the average Freshman Resident Hall cost and for upper class students the median housing cost. Some students may have additional room costs depending on which residence hall they choose to reside and/or if they have single occupancy. Board expenses are calculated using the All-Access Meal Plan. 



Your actual costs may vary slightly because of such items as lab fees, applied music fees, room cost, and more. Be sure to consider what you will need for transportation, and personal expenses.

Fun Fact: Attending Quincy can be very affordable for you--98% of our students receive financial assistance that ranges from $10,000 to $25,000 per year.

St. Clare Professional Studies Program

2024-2025 Costs

Tuition (per credit hour) $420

Graduate Programs

2024-2025 Costs

Master of Business Administration

Tuition (per credit hour) $550


Master of Science in Education

Tuition (per credit hour) $500


Master of Science in Education Counseling

Tuition (per credit hour) $500


Graduate Program Fee

Per credit hour, Per Term $15