MISSION & VISION Founded By Franciscan Friars & Welcoming to All Faiths

Our Mission


Quincy University stands as a Catholic, independent, liberal arts institution of higher learning in the Franciscan tradition. Inspired by the spirits of St. Francis and Clare of Assisi, we respect each person as a sister or brother with dignity, value, and worth. We work for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation. We prepare men and women for leadership and for the transformation of the world by educating them to seek knowledge that leads to wisdom.

We welcome and invite all to share our spirit and life.

Our Vision

QU will ignite each individual’s passion to impact positive change in the world. Distinguished by its focus on service and servant leadership, QU will be nationally recognized for its commitment to academic excellence in the Franciscan liberal arts tradition. It will be accessible to all students through flexible course delivery, flexible curriculum options and degree completion opportunities, equipping career-ready graduates for immediate lifetime service and success.

Our Franciscan Values

Diversity     Servant – Leadership      Service     Pursuit of Knowledge

Justice and Peace   Inclusiveness    Accountability


Quincy University lives in the spirit of Francis of Assisi. St. Francis embraced the whole world in community and we embrace all seekers of truth by:


Developing our faculty to flourish as educators, mentors, and scholars


Providing a liberal arts education that leads to fulfilling careers


Integrating technology to promote a culture of innovation


Enhancing our students with professional experiences that foster growth


Preparing ethical leaders for an interdependent world

Fun Fact: Francis Hall—QU’s main building—was constructed in 1893 and at one time housed a library, cafeteria, and bowling alley.